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Netguide is a South African IT support company that was founded in 2006 when 2 South African entrepreneurs noticed a need in the market for an IT company that would supply medium to large companies with world-class IT services and solutions that was only available to large enterprises at that time. As the world becomes more and more digital, companies need to have IT infrastructure in place in order to remain competitive. Netguide’s commitment to supplying these solutions at affordable prices allows medium to large companies to reach new heights in business.

Netguide is one of the leading IT solutions providers in South Africa. Their commitment to not only bring world-class services, but also maintain long-lasting relationships with clients, is rare in an industry that is saturated with faceless IT companies that care more about themselves than their clients’ wellbeing. What makes Netguide unique among IT service providers is that they actually care about their clients. They become something like a business partner, working together with their clients to make sure they get premium IT service. Netguide also takes the extra step by providing customised solutions to meet the needs of every individual client, instead of just applying the same “template” each and every time.

Netguide provides a comprehensive range of IT services, including Microsoft Hosted Email Exchange, Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Hosting, and Backup and Recovery Management, to name a few.

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Netguide is a leading IT infrastructure management company in South Africa. We believe in bringing quality solutions to medium to large businesses that were previously only available to large corporations with enough capital to be able to afford such services.

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